Maximizing Your 55-Inch TV Experience

How to Mount a Television 55 Inch

A television 55 inch is the perfect screen size for a modern home theater. It’s large enough to deliver 4K resolution and advanced HDR technology while offering a compact alternative to 65-inch models.

Our top picks feature the best-performing panel technologies, including bright Mini LED backlighting, deep blacks from OLED newcomers, and rich, saturated colors from QD-OLED models. We also recommend sets with smart features that enhance your digital lifestyle.

Picture quality

There are several factors that impact a TV’s picture quality. These include resolution, refresh rate, image processing and color accuracy. A high resolution can help you see more details and vibrant colors, while a faster refresh rate can reduce the blurring effect when watching sports or games.

A good 55-inch TV can enhance your home entertainment experience with stunning 4K resolution and a wide color gamut. It should also support HDR for a more realistic viewing experience. If you’re looking for a great 55-inch TV, check out the top-rated models from brands like Samsung and Hisense.

The Hisense Class U8 Series is our best mid-range TV because it delivers impressive image quality and features. It has an excellent SDR peak brightness, which helps it stand out in well-lit rooms, and offers Mini LED local dimming to improve dark scenes. Its non-glare screen is perfect for wall mounting, and the built-in speakers can be used to play your favorite music or watch video content.

Viewing angle

When mounting a TV to a wall, the question of how high it should be mounted is often the first one to arise. This question is critical because it can mean the difference between an engrossing home theater experience and a painful neck strain. The height of a TV depends on the viewing distance and the angle at which it should be viewed. Sitting too close to the TV can cause eye strain, while sitting too far away can result in poor image quality.

A good rule of thumb is to multiply your seating distance by 0.625. This will give you the recommended screen size for your television. However, this calculation can be a bit misleading, especially for large TVs. To compensate, many manufacturers have introduced viewing angle technology to improve the picture quality. This technology allows the TV to be viewed at a wider angle without losing contrast. This technology is generally found on VA panel TVs, such as those made by Samsung and Sony.

Smart TV features

Whether you want to play games or stream movies, there are plenty of smart TV options available. Many models feature HDR support, which delivers stunning colors and a more immersive viewing experience. Some also have higher refresh rates for smoother motion handling. Others have integrated voice control for hands-free operation. Choosing the right smart TV depends on your preferences and budget.

The Hisense U8K is our top choice for best cheap 55-inch TV, with great peak brightness and deep, rich colors. It can be used in a dark room or with ambient light without color degradation. It also features Google Assistant and supports a wide range of streaming apps.

The Element Roku TV is another excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-rated 55-inch smart TV. Its bezel-less design offers a seamless viewing experience, while the 4K Ultra HD resolution enhances image quality. It also supports HDR 10, which enables richer, more vibrant colors. Its smart capabilities are complemented by an intuitive user interface and automatic feature updates.


When it comes to picking the best 55-inch TV, there are a few key factors to consider. First, look for a model with 4K resolution and smart features. Next, check the screen’s refresh rate, which impacts how well it displays fast-paced content. Finally, consider the audio system, as options like Dolby Atmos can enhance the experience.

The best TV for movie lovers is Sony’s XR-55A95L, which features a QD-OLED display and Dolby Vision IQ for superior image processing. It also has a 1,500-nit maximum brightness and a wide selection of streaming apps. You can even use Google Assistant or Alexa to control this TV with voice commands.

Another option is LG’s C3 OLED, which offers a near-infinite contrast ratio with deep black levels and no distracting blooming. Its 144Hz refresh rate makes it good for gaming, and its built-in Tizen platform supports popular streaming services and voice assistants. It also has excellent input lag and a variety of connectivity options.

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